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Pull Out Litter Box Toronto, Ontario

Keep that stinky, smelly, and unsightly litter box out of the public view. A furniture litter box is the perfect way to have your cat litter, but unseen. A little opening in the side of the cabinet allows the kitten or you root to do their business in privacy, and when they are done, just open the cabinet door.

This is a perfect way to make your cat litter in private, and keep the air with odour free.

Hygiene is something we always act upon. At Eclectic Nesters, we provide quality products for your pets and put upon their needs and products prior. Like litter box for your cats, in variety of colours and different styles to make your pet comfortable and you a delight person.

We offer eco-friendly and sustainable cat litter, which is made naturally with recycled paper and is completely biodegradable, hence a token of care for the environment. We are a business for pet owners and believe in animal friendly house but also to take care of the environment we live in.

Also we use a qualified material that makes it easier to absorb.

Also, as most cat owners, you love your cat and pamper them but the smell they produce is a turn off. With our pull out litter box, which has major absorbing or soaking superpowers and be free of odours.

Our high absorbency factor in the litter box controls the strongest of odours.

Most of the worry of the cat owners or pet owners is if it is flushable and light dust?

As it is biodegradable, it can be easily flushed and most importantly it has minimum dust making it quicker to clean.

We have options to select from various cabinet litter boxes thatallow your pet to do their business in private and without anyone noticing it. With attractive designs and displayed in a space where they can play and litter, both in one.

We have options of various designs and style aesthetic for cabinet litterbox, giving a look of wood dresser and the little cabinet for your pet.

In case, you are wondering why the need of a litter box for your pet?

If you have an indoor pet, you may be acquaintance with its daily routine and business. Or you want to take the option, the need to “go” to a place.

We have various designs of cabinet litter box such as- the bathroom bench, the plant pot, or end table litter box.

We understand the situation for pet owners and we put their needs to the top in providing those best services and the comfort need for their pets.

We have always ensured customer satisfaction and reckoned the needs of the pet for their comfort.

These small litter box cabinets for your pet will make it easier to flush and has minimum dust, giving it an accessible charge to handle it.

With the best designing team and finest materials used in the creation of the litter box, we produce and high absorbent factor that reduces the awful odour and gives your pet a chance to do its business and enjoy its privacy.

Get an exclusive stylish and creative cabinet of litter box for your pet, and save big!