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Dog House in Toronto, Ontario

Eclectic Nesters gives a whole meaning and sight to “dog house”! We are an encouraging and family-owned and operated business that gives a fresh perception to your dog house. We give a new meaning to a dog house and make each project worthy.

We understand a dog house is important for the comfort and well-being for your pet. As they have become an important part in your life, we enter the scent to make them more comfort and happy with the best designed and trendy dog house.

Our sole purpose is to create a sense of style and vision for dog owners for quality custom dog houses. Our dog houses are built on high quality of materials at a reasonable price. With the correct use of space and texture, we give a finalising look to the dog house that makes your dog all jumpy.

Anyone can make a dog house, but Eclectic nesters take it to the next level.

We just not only create a house for your pet to live, but with the correct measurement and personalized crafts, we ace in proving to be the best service provider.

Our dog house provides you an option of air conditioning, heat, windows, and raised foundations for your pet to provide them an exception feeling of comfort home. We also have the option of insulated dog houses and safe doors for the safety of your pet.

We use the best materials in a dog house. We understand that dogs can get messy at times, and in keeping that we use stuff which are washable and look good.  Apart from manufacturing, we also display customised soft and aesthetic stuff that would look great in a dog house.

A décor could make the place more alluring and homey. We offer accessories and options for the dog house to look lively and apt.

Creating a dog house can be done easily, but we go extra in making the perfect home for your dog that will work in the long-run.

We have experts and a designing team of premium members who field test every custom dog house in our product line. They take the exact and accurate measurements, alleging with the spaces of length and breadth and giving a reasonable amount of space for your dog.

Whether its windy, rainy season, or extreme heat in the summer, the dog house will protect and work as a shield.

Our aim is to provide the best dog house for dog owners who are concretely looking for one that is strong and durable.

We are a company that works in a seamless manner to deliver the best dog houses.

We have a team of designers who effortlessly understands your requirements and deliver in the exact pace. Throughout the project, we keep a transparent communication with our clients and interact in every phase of the project.

Our entire dog house is custom made and offer options to provide a climate that is comfortable for your dog. A dog house that is not too big or small but fits the body of your dog and gives its own space and vibe is delivered by our team of designers.

Apart from that, we offer personalized frames and accessories that could be decorated in your dog house to make it look more cool and chic.

Dogs are one of the beautiful creatures and a man`s best friend, unknowingly they become a part of your family and life too. Giving their own space and comfort level will make you happy and your pet happier.

We reckon and examine in making a dog house, with the latest trends and designs, we hope to make the dog house appealing.

The dog houses we built are of quality construction and insulated for comfort. It will shield them in the rainy and windy season making them dry and homey.

True, you can build a dog house by yourself, but a strong and quality-proof and the attention and tiny detail in building this house, so that your dog is comfort and you are happy for them.

We aspire to create and develop dog houses which are of the finest materials with air conditioners to keep them cool in the humid and summer season. Also, we have the option of insulators that will cool a standard room for the dog house.

We have always provided service which makes our customer satisfied and we continue to do so with building the best dog house.